It is time to stand together

GIRL POWER: Girl Guide participants at the launch of Transport Women Australia's Wheels initiative last year.
GIRL POWER: Girl Guide participants at the launch of Transport Women Australia's Wheels initiative last year.

BY THE time that you read this, the Transport Women Australia Limited Creating Connections Conference will be upon us, MEGATRANS will have come and gone, and the Federal Budget has been broadcast with another round of changes (and some good news).

The year is flying by and as we approach the end of the financial year and get ever closer to an election, the dreaded RSRT has reared its ugly head again, with Labor promising its reinstatement if it gets elected.

We have fought battles before and we will again, some we have fought more than once and I am sure that we will do that again as well.

It seems to be the very nature of our industry and although I cannot remember further back than Razorback, I am sure we have been doing so since commercial transport began.

It is now we need to be ever aware of the important "C” words, the ones we need "co-operation” and "collaboration” and the one to avoid "confusion”.

More and more it is so important that we stand together to make the industry strong, to ensure we are not forced into regulations that are untenable.

We must stand together to make the industry safer, we must stand together to prove that we are professional, we must stand together (with the authorities) to rid the industry of the elements that won't conform, we must stand together to attract a new generation of workers, we must stand together to improve our image, and we must stand together to educate those within and outside our industry to share the roads safely.

We must stand together!

We can do this, we have proven it in the past and we can do it again.

In times of adversity, the industry has always come together to fight for better conditions and we have come a long way.

In the past, it usually started with a bunch of old mates deciding to "do something”.

So let's stand together with our old mates, some new mates and even those people we don't even like to ensure we get the best deal for everyone in this great industry.

For the Transport Women Conference, we have six industry leaders standing together on the stage in order to collaborate on ideas for growing the representation in the industry.

We have three different views from the compliance side of the industry standing together to explain the ways to be compliant and safe - something that some seem to think are the same thing.

Many of our speakers came together not only in the spirit of co-operation and collaboration but in friendship, which is certainly what our attendees will find in abundance.

This is what our team is based on, what my life is based on and hopefully the industry will remember the mateship it was based on as we gird ourselves for the next round.

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