ISPY: Tourist sparks explosive debate

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PAWS FOR THOUGHT: I Spy this cool pair on the road. Got shots you'd like to share? Send them to Alf Wilson

Where there's smoke

CIGARETTES near gas bottles at a popular roadhouse resulted in a heated exchange of words between several truckies and some young tourists.

The incident occurred in late October at the rear of the roadhouse where seating was provided for customers to eat and have a yarn.

This area is right near the gas bottles that fuel the cooking utensils in the kitchen, also diesel bowsers and the toilets and showers.

The truckies were deep in conversation when four overseas tourists pulled up and sat near them.

Two of the tourists headed for the showers while the others decided to light up, much to the chagrin of the truckies.

One of the truckies pointed out that being so close to the gas bottles and bowsers could result in an explosion as a worst-case scenario.

A tourist raised his voice and said he wouldn't be dictated to by anybody and added that in his opinion there was no danger anyway.

When a truckie said he was going to report the matter to management, the tourist put his smoke out but under protest.

These truckies had fuelled up at the establishment, purchased food and soft drinks and were enjoying a chat.

What annoyed them further was the tourists had showers, used the toilets and never purchased a thing.

So you can well and truly understand the anger at the attitude of the visitors.

This is not the first time Spy has heard of such an incident around the country.

Not a zebra crossing

CATTLE of the road took on a new meaning during late October on the Bruce Highway at Helens Hill near Ingham.

We have all heard of wandering cattle on highways around the country making it dangerous for traffic, including truckies.

But on this occasion a farmer had to rescue about 350 cattle from their flooded paddock.

In order to get them to dry land, he had to walk them along the Bruce Highway.

It took a few hours and traffic could get through periodically, however police asked for patience and for drivers to proceed with caution

One veteran truckie who heard of the event joked it was like kids being supervised by a lollipop lady on a zebra crossing outside a school.

Tick alert

A FIT and usually healthy West Australian truckie was complaining about a sore on his shoulder that failed to heal.

Before going to a doctor he asked his wife, a qualified Perth nurse, to check it out.

She soon revealed that a blood-sucking bush tick had found its way onto his body and became embedded on his shoulder.

The lady removed the tick, including its head, and placed some cream on the wound to ensure it didn't become infected.

These nasties feed on the blood of humans and animals and can cause allergic reactions and transmit diseases.

Our victim didn't know where the tick managed to get on to his body but figured it may have been when he pulled up next to some livestock trucks.

Several days later a Queensland grey nomad who had been travelling in ahouse bus around Brisbane also discovered a tick on her arm under the skin.

They both want to warn drivers to be wary of ticks.

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