Resident detains drunken intruder

THE resident of a unit detained a drunken intruder who broke into his home on New Year's Day and started fixing himself a drink.

The Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday heard the resident detained Myron Lee Jackomos until police arrived.

Magistrate Tom Bradshaw heard Jackomos, 28, climbed into the unit after spending the earlier part of the evening drinking at another unit in the Cairns complex.

Jackomos yesterday pleaded guilty to charges of entering a dwelling with intent and failing to appear in court in relation to the incident.

Police prosecutor Steve Atkinson said Jackomos surrendered himself to police in Rockhampton after he found there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Mr Atkinson said the unit resident watched Jackomos mixing himself a drink in his kitchen. He said Jackomos was heavily intoxicated.

Defence solicitor Shayne Studdert said Jackomos did not resist the unit's resident, who was someone he didn't know.

He said Jackomos had been drinking with family members in another unit and was so drunk he could not remember why he was there.

The court heard Jackomos was granted bail on the matter to reappear earlier this month.

Jackomos thought the matter had been dealt with by the court in his absence and when he found out it hadn't he went to the authorities.

Mr Bradshaw acknowledged Jackomos had done the right thing in surrendering to police once he realised his matter had not been dealt with by the court.

He fined him $500 for entering the dwelling and $50 for failing to appear.

A conviction was recorded.

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