In need of a foot in the door

I know you probably hear this a lot but I need help.

I am a 30 year old female trying to get into the trucking industry, I have my HC but lack the experience I need.

I want to start in the MR trucks again to gain confidence on the roads again.

Back home in NZ I drove little tipper trucks over the maize season.

I came over here with high hopes, but all I have had so far is in return to be given a go and experiance, I am to give sexual favours, I find that disgusting.

Or as recent as today I didn't get given a interview as I didn't have experience.

How am I meant to gain the experience if no one is willing to give me a go? It is depressing.

But is this what females are finding in the trucking industry?

Is there a reputable business willing to give me a go?  Thanks Lydia Butcher 0487384340