Donna McCartney shows off a novel way of dressing up a simple pair of heels — shoe bling.
Donna McCartney shows off a novel way of dressing up a simple pair of heels — shoe bling. Bev Lacey

If the shoe fits, wear it well

WE'VE all seen those poor girls out at a race day doing some kind of wobbly, bent-kneed Thunderbirds impression as they try to navigate the soft turf in 12cm stilettos.

And then there are those who totter along with arms out and legs flying at strange angles as they attempt to figure out how to walk in 15cm platform wedges and still hold onto anything resembling grace.

Add that to the doom and gloom podiatrist reports on the topic of heels higher than 15mm and there might be times where you sigh and wonder if the longer legs and the trimmer butt are all worth the effort.

But since most of us are pretty sure they are, at least sometimes, McCartney and Creed Shoes co-owner Kathy Creed believes a bit of practice and some smart shopping can ensure a comfortable fit and a natural gait.

Ms Creed said the first question you need to ask yourself when buying a new pair of heels is how used to them you are.

If you're a complete novice, put down those amazing strappy stilettos and pick yourself up some medium heels or wedges, then take them home and start practising immediately in front of a floor-length mirror and remember to hit the ground with the heel and roll forward rather than keeping the feet flat.

"If you're not a big heel wearer then you should really go for a medium heel, and they're' really our best sellers," she said.

"You'll also find that whatever your heel height, the more support you have around your foot, the more stability you'll feel, so if you're a novice go for something that will keep your foot firmly in the shoe rather than something strappy.

"One thing that has become really popular is the platform, which gives you the height in the heel, but with the platform at the front it gives the illusion of height without putting pressure on your arches."

If you're a bit of a pragmatist, you're also going to love other new trends in heels such as "shoe bling", which is a brooch-like clip-on shoe decorator that can make the same sleek black pumps into three different shoes.

What heels do:

  •  Add instant glamour
  •  Lengthen the legs
  •  Arch the back
  •  Force bust up and out
  •  Tighten the bum
  •  Exaggerate sway in hips

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