Ian Rudd
Ian Rudd David Vile

Ian cautious about all new truck tech

HAILING from Queanbeyan, Ian Rudd was making his first visit to the Brisbane Truck Show and was weaving around the main hall when Big Rigs caught up with him for a chat.

"It's been good. I recently turned 80 so I thought I would come up for a bit of a look," he said.

Back home on the NSW/ACT border, Ian owns two historic cab-over Kenworths, a 1978 single drive and a 1984 bogie drive unit, both with two-stroke Detroit power with 6/92 and 8/92 powerplants respectively.

"Proper trucks!" he said.

Of all the technology on show at the BCEC Ian reckoned: "It's probably gone too far with all the stuff they put on the trucks these days, but I guess it had to come one day".

He thought the LifeFlight livery on the IOR Petroleum tankers on the Holmwood Highgate stand was a highlight.

He was planning to head out to the Heritage Truck Show at Rocklea to check out all the historic trucks the day after his visit to the BCEC.

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