I Spy: Santa hunt on

SECRET SANTA?: Is this truckie with a Santa like beard filling out his log book or preparing his naughty but nice list for Christmas full story in next edition.
SECRET SANTA?: Is this truckie with a Santa like beard filling out his log book or preparing his naughty but nice list for Christmas full story in next edition.

Santa hunt on

WITH Christmas just around the corner, men with long white beards - including some who are truckies - are in high demand.

They are required to be Santa Claus at parties and many have been growing their beards for a long time to be ready for the big occasion.

Most have done the job before while others will be making their Santa debut.

In the past few months Spy has seen about half a dozen drivers who would qualify to be a good Mr Claus.

One of our correspondents managed to track down one, snap his picture and yarn to him and that will appear in our last edition of the year.

In the meantime, if anybody has a picture of a truckie who will be a Santa they can email it to

Tent mystery

A TENT, seen not far from the Stuart Hwy north of Coober Pedy, was a real mystery for some truckies.

They passed it just after dawn in November and wondered why a tent would be situated there. It was obvious that some people were camping inside.

Several truckies discussed the tent over the radio and none could come up with a reason who would camp there.

Spy can shed some light on that, after speaking to one of the occupants.

"We left Adelaide and, by about 2am the next morning, were feeling very tired. So we just pitched the tent and slept in it. But we left early after first light," one said.

Spy can report that one of the tent sleepers was an Australian Defence Force member who had served in Afghanistan this year.

On other occasions during 2014, some truckies told of seeing tents with people sleeping in them near highways in WA and NSW.

Naked truth

AS A truckie drove along the Pacific Hwy towards Burleigh Heads, he got the surprise of his life.

Spy will let the middle-aged truckie tell readers the naked truth about his sighting.

"I was overtaken by an old couple in a vehicle and they were both stark naked," he said.

This wasn't an amorous young couple looking for the nearest rest area to pull over either.

"They were aged in their late 60s or early 70s," he said.

One can only ponder if they were indeed nudists heading off to a remote beach.

Haunting hobby

THERE is a mainland truckie who many would consider has a rather strange hobby. He loves visiting haunted houses or buildings and reading anything he can about same. Not to mention watching television programs on the subject.

So when he was sent to Tasmania for several weeks with work, he made the most of his time off.

The two major cities of Hobart and Launceston are less than 200km apart and between them are many historical buildings which are allegedly haunted.

He visited some in Launceston, Perth, Cleveland, Campbell Town, Oatlands, Ross, Bagdad and Richmond and Hobart.

Our eerie mate even got to take part in the renowned Ghost Tours at the Port Arthur Historical Site.

Hairy situation

THIS column has covered situations before which involve the wife of a truckie having a chin wax to remove hairs from the face.

And this latest incident reported to old Spy had him almost choking on his breakfast cornflakes with laughter.

We hear a NSW driver picked up his wife from a salon which specialises in such delicate hair removals.

As they left they business, the wife thanked the lady who did the job.

But hubby chipped in with his own humour when he said, "Thanks hairy much."

But he got more than he bargained for when the lady replied, "You are hair-larious."

Salt of the earth

FRIENDS of a Western Australian truckie have been puzzled about what they consider a very strange habit of his.

The fellow lives on the coast but every week has to travel well inland for deliveries.

Before leaving, he has been seen filling up several large buckets with salt water from the sea or river, which started tongues wagging about why he would do something so strange.

One decided to bite the bullet and ask him for explanation, in a very courteous manner.

The reply was that he needed the salt water to wash his hair in every night when there wasn't a natural source. He went on to say that his general hair health had improved considerably.

Could one suggest he is a "salt of the earth driver".

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