Gold lure for truckies

Gold lure for truckies

GOLD is a precious metal and it seems that many truckies around the country are searching for some big nuggets which will set them up for life financially.

Spy knows of many drivers from various states who carry a metal detector in their rigs as they get around this vast country.

Many Spy has spoken to over the past decade nominate gold prospecting as one of their hobbies.

Because many travel to remote locations they can use their detector during breaks.

Naturally those who have been lucky enough to find any gold are very coy about the particular area.

A bit like those truckies who catch lots of fish and never reveal their secret spot.

On March 8, Spy spoke to one such truckie named Pete who is approaching age 65 and is soon to retire from the road transport industry after 34 years as a driver.

"I have found some specks of gold over the last years," he said.

Pete said he intended prospecting with his state of the art metal detector around the Golden Triangle region of Victoria, north of Kalgoorlie in WA and near the Palmer River in Queensland.

"I hope to find Lasseter's Reef," he said quite optimistically.

Pete reckons there are thousands of truckies who prospect either during time off or when resting between jobs.

There is a female roadhouse worker well known to many truckies for her great service who has reportedly found some gold while prospecting around the Atherton Tablelands.

Anyway if Pete does find a big nugget he has promised to shout Spy and as many truckies as he can invite.

Tide comes in

FISHING is another favourite recreation for lots of truckies, but for one NSW driver a trip almost ended in disaster.

He had thoughts of the old saying "time and tide stops for no one" after chasing a feed of fish on a beach.

As he had done many times before the gent backed his light rig onto the beach and cast his rod and reel from it. However as the tide turned he started to drive off but alas, he got bogged.

The salt water was not far from the back when help arrived and he was towed free.

Not so lucky was a Mackay driver whose 4WD got bogged on a beach and was flooded with water.

Rooftop navigators

THERE are some rough roads around Kununurra in Western Australia but one truckie was still amazed at what he saw while driving along one.

Coming towards him was one of those tourist carrying campers vans which are common sights around Oz.

"A young male tourist was sitting inside the roof rack and yelling out to the driver where the corrugations and holes were so he could dodge them," he told Spy.

Our truckie expected it to be a one off, however just up the road he saw another rooftop navigator.

"I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes," he said.

Tatts impressive

IN recent months Spy has come across numerous truckies who have impressive tattoos on their bodies. None more so than the Toll driver who walked into a Maccas restaurant having parked his rig across the road.

He had a shaven head and sported a beautiful tattoo on the back of his head, which certainly impressed other patrons waiting in the queue.

If he reads this the driver will recall the incident which occurred about 7pm on March 2. When he left some customers discussed just how much they liked his tattoo.

Food for thought

THREE truckie mates were having a meal at the eatery of a large shopping centre in a big country town during some down time.

They were all tucking into their meals when one noticed a gent walk to the table next to them and checked if there were leftovers from the customers who had just departed.

This fellow then tried to find any food which was remaining at many other tables and was lucky a few times.

He quickly ate what he could find and one of the truckies felt sorry for him and gave him half a packet of his chips.

The hungry man was dressed well and one of the drivers noticed it was the same man he had seen walking along the highway pushing a shopping trolley earlier that day.

Pardon the pun, but the incident did give the three "food for thought" to see somebody that desperate for a feed.

Table bingo query

A ROADHOUSE eatery was very busy and heaps of truckies had ordered sit down meals and were given a number when they ordered. The waitress came in with several meals and walked over to the table where she saw the number which coincided with that order.

"Those are not our meals," a Victorian truckie told her.

Another worker appeared from the kitchen with several other meals which also did not match up to the table numbers.

"Who is playing table bingo," she said which ensured muffled laughter from many sitting nearby.

After a few minutes they sorted out the correct meals and discovered one of the truckies had taken the wrong number when ordering.

Collision with a difference

A QUEENSLAND truckie was standing on a football beside a small suburban shopping centre waiting for the business to open so he could make a delivery.

A split second later he was confronted by a student on a pushbike heading towards him.

"I had been just standing there in the shade and this kid was on his way to a nearby primary school. He looked about age 12 and sped around the corner. I managed to get my arms onto his handle bars to slow him down but one tyre still hit my right leg and caused a wound," he said.

The kid fell off his pushbike and took off. But far from apologising he directed a verbal spray complete with expletives at our truckie victim.

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