I SPY: Machines, sleep, crocs and more.

FANTASTIC ROADHOUSE: The Caltex West Pinjarra Service Centre/Roadhouse in WA
FANTASTIC ROADHOUSE: The Caltex West Pinjarra Service Centre/Roadhouse in WA Submitted

Machine upgrade

OVER the holiday break, a road transport identity was ill and feeling dizzy whenever he walked.

So he sought medical advice and the diagnosis was that the centre of his problem was to do with the sleep apnoea he suffers from.

For the past 10 years, he had used a C-Pap machine for sleeping which pushes air through the respiratory system.

It had all worked well until a few months ago when the first signs of his dizziness commenced.

Anyway, a specialist diagnosed that he was retaining some carbon dioxide in his body. So he was told to upgrade from a C-Pap to a B-Pap machine.

They are both similar in that they deliver pressurised air through a mask to your airways, however the B-Pap has dual settings which allow you to get more air in and out of your lungs.

The bottom line is that it has worked wonders for the gent who doesn't feel dizzy anymore and has even lost a bit of weight.

Sleep apnoea is a major concern for many truckies as it is with the general community.

Spy wants to point out he has no knowledge of medicine procedures, but is just passing on the experience of somebody which will be of interest.

Another sleep

Speaking of sleeping, Spy heard of a rather humorous incident involving a South Australian truckie who enjoyed a night out at a local pub.

Along with some mates, they had consumed a liberal sprinkling of amber fluid before closing time.

They were waiting for a lift home in the courtesy bus, but old mate was nowhere to be found.

Being sure he hadn't left, they asked the bar attendant to try and find him.

The security guard was designated the task and heard snoring coming from a toilet near the poker machine saloon.

He knocked on the door and when it opened discovered the lad had fallen asleep on the dunny seat.

If he hadn't been found, the champion may well have been locked in the pub overnight.

WA roadhouse praised

SEVERAL truckies Spy has spoken to have been glowing in their praise of the Caltex West Pinjarra Roadhouse, or Service Centre, as they are known in some states.

So I asked a transport identity from interstate to check it out when he was in Western Australia.

"There was plenty of parking and the food was great and all of the facilities were clean," he said.

He said there was another such Service Centre on the other side of the highway.

"I went to one when I was headed in one direction and then to the other on the return trip," he said.

He even snapped some pics to send to me.

Pinjarra is about 86km from Perth and 21km southeast of the coastal city of Mandurah.

Hidden camp for smokers

EVERY weekday, scores of trucks deliver food and other goods to hospitals around Australia.

Many of these drivers are smokers who can get held up for hours waiting to unload.

Which results in them hanging out for a durry.

However with hospitals mostly having no smoking policies, this can be difficult.

Spy has been told of an area about 40m from a big hospital where workers have set up a secret smoking area.

It is well away from the hospital outskirts and on a dry creek bed with crates for seats.

Some workers have told the delivery truck drivers, and now some of them enjoy a smoke there.

Chilly willy

WHILE much of Australia endured hot weather over the past few months that hasn't always been the case down in Tasmania.

Spy hears that a number of Apple Isle drivers were surprised to receive "Peter heaters" as Christmas gifts.

For those who don't know what that is, a Peter heater is a knitted garment worn over male genitalia to keep it warm.

This was the subject of conversation between several drivers at a roadhouse parking area and they were quite amused.

One joked that no matter how cold the temperature was down Tassie way that the recipients would not have to worry about a "chilly willy".

Dundee and dusted

THE 1972 International C-1300 series truck which was driven by Paul Hogan in the hit Australian movie Crocodile Dundee will have some major work done of it soon.

It is situated outside the Walkabout Creek Hotelat McKinlay in far northwest Queensland, where some of the hit movie was filmed.

Publican Frank Wust told Spy said the work would involved fixing up the canvas.

"We also plan to put a tinnie on the top and it should look a bit more respectable after that," Frank said.

The truck arrived at the popular outback watering hold late in 2015 and is a genuine tourist attraction.

Crocodile Dundee was released on April 24, 1986.

A real crocodile

TRUCKIES who cross the Jardine River in far north Queensland on the ferry have been getting a close up look at a real 4.5m long crocodile.

The reptile which is big enough to be a man eater has been spotted many times near the crossing which is 750km northwest of Cairns.

Dropping water levels have ensured the saurian can be seen by people.

What is of concern is that this is the first time that a crocodile has been known to follow the ferry as it moved back and forth across the waterway.

Some truckies have posted pics of the croc on Facebook.

Authorities are concerned that drivers may bypass the ferry and attempt to cross the river themselves and face danger from the croc, especially if they broke down.

Big Rigs