Good driver from bad company

I HAVE come from overseas and I hope all transport companies are not like the one I recently worked for.

It is amazing the regular disregard for the law and road safety this company's managers do on a daily basis.

I have been verbally bullied and victimised, because I refuse to work over the 12 hours max on non-BFM trained drivers.

I went to the depot manager about the bullying and nothing was done.

I have seen so many good drivers and other supervisors leave because of this one manager, who plays god and yet nothing is done.

The company has received numerous complaints about him, he has given me bad verbal references to other companies, I have tried to

gain employment with (but no one will put it in writing).

Staff with no MC licenses, frequently drive trucks and B-doubles on public highways, to leave empty trailers up the street, and nothing is said! Drivers frequently are putting the public's lives at risk by working over 12 hours driving, even up to 16-hour shifts, trucks are constantly over weight (as they are local).

This is the norm or it seems to be for this company.

Some drivers do it as they don't care and most drivers do it as they are made to feel they have to by managers. It saddens me that in this modern day and age, where Australian truck drivers have the most responsibility - and it seems the least respect - those companies are still operating in the Stone Age.

But also the fact they are getting away with it.

Drivers will never be deemed anything except bad drivers when companies seem to promote this attitude. I think your paper is an excellent read and I support what you are trying to make the industry into.

There are a lot of good drivers who do the right thing and are harassed and bullied into doing the wrong thing.

I know I was one such driver and the company's HR department did nothing, but now there are harassment and bullying notices up all around the depot, which are a joke and have changed nothing. I was quoted being told by this manager, "I don't give a f**k about your hours, you deliver the load", in a threatening manner.

Another staff member who had an accident on the dock, which could have been fatal, was told by the same manager, "harden the f**k up", when he was clearly shaken by the event. I am writing this as other drivers who experience the same thing on a daily basis need to know the industry is changing and for the better, but sadly not soon enough, or quick enough.

Companies such as the one I work for need drastic changes, but really they should not even be operating the way they do.

So keep up the good work Big rigs. Yours,

A good driver working for a bad company

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