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How to improve your bottom line: Meritor

MERITOR is a worldwide brake industry leader recognised for many leading brake components, including brake shoes, brake friction and brake drums.

When comparing aftermarket truck or trailer drums, consider all of the advantages of Meritor brake drums.

Meritor aftermarket drums are designed and tested by Meritor to perform across the broad range of applications that today's fleet customers demand.

The Meritor drum portfolio offers the exact combination of strength and weight you need for enhanced durability, plus maintenance and fuel savings.

This includes lightweight, standard and heavy-duty cast drums for light to heavy duty cycles as well as the premium Meritor STEELite X30 steel drums.

Meritor cast iron drums are engineered with high quality cast iron alloy with type A graphite formulation at the brake contact surface area to enhance heat dissipation.

Graphite efficiently conducts the heat built up during braking away from the brake contact surface, allowing it to dissipate from the drum.

Lower temperatures during braking allow for longer friction life and improved drum durability which translates into improved brake life.

Meritor brake drums are also designed for enhanced thermal properties to extend life and improve fade resistance.

Meritor cast brake drums are tested using FMVSS 121 dynamometer specifications.

Opti-cast are the lightest of Meritor's cast drum range.

Weighing just 46.9kg* Opti-cast offers a light weight solution, which in simple science equates to reduced fuel consumption and cost savings.

Patric Jose, the Brake Drum Product Manager for Aftermarket for Meritor Australia, said when compared to some competitive cast drums in the market, Opti-cast could deliver up to 100kg of weight saving in a B-double application (depending on configuration).

"Which when considered across the life of the truck or trailer translates into fuel savings and increased

load carrying capacity,” he said.

Meritor brake drums are covered by the complete Meritor one-year aftermarket warranty, so you have the quality assurance guarantee of a global OE supplier.

The Opti-cast drum will be on display at the Meritor booth during the Brisbane Truck Show.

They are available through most major truck dealer networks and aftermarket distributors.

For more information, contact your local Meritor representative.

*Opti-cast (Part # 85123788002, Balanced, 16.5” x 7” brake size, 285PCD)

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