How on earth did Stephen's nickname become PIG?

THE first thing I noticed when Stephen Maguire parked his Western Star 4800 was the number plate which included PIG.

So I just had to ask the Hervey Bay based owner-operator how that came to be.

"My dad gave me that nickname when I was a baby because he reckoned I ate like a pig and it has stuck,” Stephen said.

His company name is SM Maguire Transport and the Western Star is powered by a 550hp Signature with an 18 speed Road Ranger gearbox.

"I have brought up poly pipes from Toowoomba to Townsville and have an 18m long barge as a backload for Melbourne where it will be used for jetty maintenance,” he said.

Stephen couldn't nominate the worst road he travels on.

He said there was a genuine shortage of rest areas in Queensland but was happy with the number south of the border in NSW and Victoria. Stephen's first truck was a White Road Boss back in 1989 and outside work enjoys water skiing.

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