HOT TOPICS: Truckie fights back

INCIDENT: Truckie Trevor Vale took to Facebook to detail an incident.
INCIDENT: Truckie Trevor Vale took to Facebook to detail an incident. Contributed

A TRUCKIE driving through north Queensland took to Facebook over the weekend to vent his frustration at being labelled the reason for the "carnage on the roads” by a police officer.

Readers were shocked by the claims Trevor Vale made in a Facebook video.

Peter Young: "Abusing transport operators has become a 'culture' in Australia. Police officers such as the one in question needs to be reminded he is a law enforcement officer, not a law maker and as such should keep his opinionated views to himself.”

Steve Nehoff: "Not a truer bunch of words have been said. I call on the government departments to actually put the statistics out there for all to see regarding the 'carnage'. Scare the pants off the general public, not once but hundreds of times, in all forms of the media. The percentages will shock the hell out of everyone. What will be done... nothing. The poor truckers will continue to cop the brunt of the blame because there isn't too many people who will accept these facts!!! Why, because we're easy targets for the revenue raising officialdom, always have been and always will be.”

Stuart Rodney Masters: "Lets not judge I like to hear cops side, always two sides to a story.

"I am not saying its right but we only have one persons word of this.

"Every time I have being pulled over up north I have found the cops to be great to deal with.”

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