HOT TOPICS: The uphill battle for safe rest stops

ROAD TO SAFETY: Road safety advocate Rod Hannifey.
ROAD TO SAFETY: Road safety advocate Rod Hannifey. Kirstin Payne

FULL-TIME truckie and part-time road safety advocate Rod Hannifey has been fighting an uphill battle for close to two decades.

He's been on the Blue Reflector campaign trail for nearly 20 years, frustrated because rest stops are in shambles.

Despite a national road safety inquiry in 2004 and The National Transport Commission's national rest area guidelines in 2005, Rod said real action hasn't been taken.

Big Rigs readers understood his frustrations as they shared them too.

Robin David Brown: It's not about driver safety it's all about raising revenue. No funds will be spent on parking bays or anything that will improve driver safety. Truck drivers are treated like second rate citizens end of story.

Keith Morrell: Every workplace must supply at least drinking water, coffee and amenities... If the government wants us to park in these holes, that would be a start. Actually, why don't they just let us park in towns again? Force councils to provide parking near facilities?

Sam Dowler: Rod keeps battling on for all of us and needs our support he does a great job voicing truckies concerns and always has.

Bruce Skelton: "Every council puts up no standing signs in areas we need parking bays cost money and no votes in them where treated like second class citizen there is a inquiry into why so many truck crashes . On reason not enough parking areas on the highways or city's and towns.

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