HOT TOPICS: Pilot driver warns take care with oversize loads

Pilot drivers warn about risks.
Pilot drivers warn about risks. Contributed

PILOT driver Christine Thiel is concerned about the risks motorists and truck drivers are taking when confronted with oversize loads.

The biggest of those risks, says Christine, is ignoring them, not seeing them or challenging the wide loads.

Rick Depilot: With the amount of oversize movements in Australia one would think it would be a part of the learner's theory questions, but not one question in Queensland and not spoken about while with driver trainer or transport tester. My friends 17 yr old got his p plates last week.

Sean Tex James: Think a lot comes down to if there was better wider roads for everyone to share it would make it a lot easier! And 90% of pilots do a fantastic job but some guys need to remember how much it takes to slow a road train and step out in front of the oversize a bit more.

Robert Dinnage: Unfortunately there are drivers out there that don't care or have the mentality of I'm not slowing down for that cos it might make them ten minutes late. Be safe out there.

Darren Todd: Pilots have a lot to answer for sometimes, they don't call you up and tell you what size or anything they just drive along with there flashing lights on, no talk on radio, last week coming across the Sturt Hwy one pilot called up on radio out of 3 wide loads going across in 70 odd km.

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