HOT TOPICS: Dashcam shows car cutting in front of truck

DANGEROUS: Dash cam footage of a car cutting in front of a truck in Perth.
DANGEROUS: Dash cam footage of a car cutting in front of a truck in Perth. Contributed

A DRIVER of a car in Perth found out the hard way that trucks just can't stop in the middle of the road.

Footage posted to Dash Cam Owners Australia from Perth's Worst Drivers showed a car cutting in front of a truck, which having nowhere to go, ploughed into the back of another car.

Big Rigs readers empathised with the driver of the truck.

Tracey McDermid: "Arrogant car driver just stopping in the middle of the road, why, I wonder how many times they do this and how many times a car is rammed.

"It takes a lot of metres for a truck to pull up especially when loaded.

"See a lot of arrogant drivers these days.”

David Taylor: "Unbelievable!! This is one of the reasons why I'm over driving trucks with uneducated people that drive cars, seriously these sort of manoeuvres seem to be more and more frequent these days.”

Paula Gingell: "Bloody meologist car driver they don't realize what it takes for a truck loaded or not to slow down or stop lesson learned the hard way keep up the good work all the truckers out there.”

Paul Finn: "Anyone who cuts in front of a heavy vehicle or any vehicle for that matter and causes a accident should lose their licence for two years, regardless of what brain dead reason they give for doing so.

"And a permanent licence loss if they cause the death of someone by doing so might make people drive with a heap more care.”

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