HOT TOPICS: Association wants proof dogs aren't compromised

The livestock industry has slammed the claims.
The livestock industry has slammed the claims. Kelly Butterworth

A WORKING dog rescue association called on livestock transporters to prove their dogs are not compromised while on the job.

The comments follow reassurance from the road transport industry that happy, healthy working dogs were an essential part of any livestock transport outfit.

However in an online response, the Australian Working Dog Rescue has called for proof.

Big Rigs readers weren't happy with the association's claims.

  • Glenn Piper: Innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. Tell the meddlers to do their own studies and find proof and let the livestock industry get on with their jobs in the meantime.
  • Marla Stone: Our sector of the transport industry is sick of being attacked and threatened, we are not criminals and we do not like people trying to shame and bully us.
  • Roz Nanna Turner: I'd like scientific proof these people know the meaning of the word 'work' and if any of these idiots have even done a hard day's work.
  • Dean Bull: Moved on from greyhounds now they got proven to be vigilantes, your turn.

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