Hook up the caravan and hit the road to explore Queensland

Hitting the road with a caravan is in vogue.
Hitting the road with a caravan is in vogue. Brett Wortman

MORE flooding and other disastrous weather events has had a profound effect on our tourism industry in recent times, leading to renewed calls for Queenslanders to support local operators by holidaying at home.

Like many, the strong Aussie dollar and low cost of flying in recent years set my holiday ambitions further afield but there's an undeniable lure to a driving holiday, especially within our wonderful state. 

Joe Fitzgerald.
Joe Fitzgerald.

The only unpleasant part of these drives is getting stuck behind a caravan. It's my vision of what hell must be like and I am confident I'm not the only one thinking that.

In recent years caravans have been the flagship of grey nomads, retirees travelling the countryside taking a well-earned break. All at a very leisurely pace, of course.

So, imagine my surprise when I came across a survey that found that 65% of Gen Y thinks caravanning is becoming cool again. My first thought was that the word 'again' suggests it was once cool but I digress...

My second thought was wondering what could be more fun than a road trip with mates. A caravanning holiday is relatively inexpensive for a small group of people, with the freedom to explore and work to your own timetable.

RACQ is a great supporter of intrastate tourism, especially as we pick ourselves up after two disastrous flood events in three years, so I applaud those who holiday locally.

Not only is caravanning starting to sound like fun, supporting our local tourism industry is pretty cool too.

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