Grain trucks lined up at Allora Showgrounds.
Grain trucks lined up at Allora Showgrounds. Contributed

Heavy-vehicle tips for the harvest season in WA

HARVEST is under way for 2018 in Western Australia, which means the state's regional roads can become busy with heavy vehicles transporting grain around the state.

To help alleviate some of the pressure, the Road Safety Commission has joined forces with the Toodyay RoadWise Committee and Transafe WA to provide safety tips for heavy and light-vehicle drivers over the next couple of months.

Acting Road Safety Commissioner Iain Cameron said all drivers, even those driving in their local area, couldn't afford to be complacent on regional roads.

"With more trucks transporting grain on our country roads over the next couple of months, we need to stay alert and share the roads responsibly,” Mr Cameron said.

"Be safe when sharing the roads with heavy vehicles this harvest, ensure it's safe before overtaking longer trucks and be aware of the driver's blind spots.”

Toodyay RoadWise chair Bob Neville has urged light-vehicle drivers to be aware of more heavy vehicles on the road.

"If you see a harvest vehicle or any big truck, just respect them,” Mr Neville said.

"You've got to respect each other on the road and please respect the bigger truck because they can do a lot of damage and we don't want to see you damaged on the road.”

Transafe WA chair Steve Post advises those transporting grain to abide by Chain of Responsibility legislation.

"You certainly need to get your masses right,” Mr Post said.

"There are penalties not only within the state system of Main Roads but also in the CBH system, that you could be fined by any amount of grain you're over your mass limit.”

The harvest road safety videos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

The Grain Industry Association of Western Australia has conservatively estimated the state's crop production at 15.5 million tonnes: 9.9 million of wheat, 3.5 million of barley and 1.2million of canola.

The state's record crop was in 2016 when growers delivered 16.62 million tonnes to the CBH Group.

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