Heavy duty truck sales lag behind the rest

THE recent increase in truck sales compared with the same period last year has accelerated slightly, says the Truck Industry Council (TIC). 

Official T-Mark figures just released for the month of October show a total truck market of 2,884 sales, realizing a 10.5% gain compared with the October 2013 total of 2,610 units.

"In fact this month's sales are the best post GFC October result to date," says the TIC

"This month's numbers are even better than those posted in July and September, and these recent trends, should they continue, would see the Australian truck market for the full year exceed that for 2013.

"Year-to date sales are down just 0.95%, or 242 units behind those of October 2013's cumulative total of 25,437 units.

"With 2013 sales being the best recorded since 2007's bumper year, 2014 is now poised to become the best post GFC result for Australian truck sales. 

"However let us not forget that while results in recent months have been solid and the whole of year result may be good compared to recent ones, the year-to-date 2014 market still lags that of 2007 by a massive 22.4% or some 5,651 trucks.

"The Heavy Duty segment still continues to struggle with sales 3.4% lower (-33 trucks) than in October 2013, with a total of 948 units sold for the month. 

"Year-to-date HD sales are 8,709 trucks, trailing the same period last year by 5.8%, or 532 units. Medium Duty truck sales were up a healthy 12.9% (73 trucks) for the month of October continuing the solid performance of the segment recently.

"MD sales year-to-date are now just 2.7% down (-150 trucks) compared to the end of October 2013 result of 5,570 trucks.

"The star performer this month was undoubtedly the Light Duty segment that recorded sales of 872 units for the month, a very healthy increase of 37.8% (239 trucks) over the October 2013 result.

"This month's sales coupled with recent solid results has seen the LD segment record an increase in overall year-to-date numbers compared to 2013, up 1.4% (101 units), for a year-to-date total of 7,242 trucks. The Light Duty Van segment continues to show patchy results with October being yet another month where sales lagged those of 2013.

The October 2014 LDV result was down 1.2% (-5 units) by comparison with the same month last year. However despite slowing in recent months, strong first half year results see the LDV segment well up on last year's sales with 3,824 vans sold October year-to-date, a 9.7% increase (339 units) over the same period in 2013.

"It is clear to see that these strong van sales continue to make up for lagging trucks sales, particularly those in the HD segment, in the overall numbers," the Truck Industry Council released in a statment.

Tony McMullan, TIC CEO said he wasm pleased to see the positive results in both the medium and light truck segments continued in October and van results, though slowing, are well up on those of 2013.

"If sales continue at this level for the last two months of 2014 we may see our best post GFC year to date, albeit well down on the 2007/2008 numbers," Mr McMullan said.

"However poor heavy duty sales continue and this is concerning as this can only lead to continued aging of this very important part of the Australian truck fleet."

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