Gyro's repair goes anywhere

Gyro is set-up to handle just about any mechanical service or repair.
Gyro is set-up to handle just about any mechanical service or repair.

BASED at South Grafton on the New South Wales' north coast, Gyro's Go Anywhere Diesel Repairs covers much of the central north coast and the hinterland.

A one-man operation, with lots of family-based back-up support in the office and out in the field, Gyro McCann is living and working at something he's wanted to do for quite a while.

He's been 'spannering' since he was about 10, helping his Dad, who also worked as a mobile mechanic, whenever he could on weekends and during school holidays.

Especially when there was a bush job to do.

After nearly a decade or so of working for a sawmilling operation maintaining the road vehicles and all their bush equipment that included dozers, skidders and loaders, Gyro felt it was time to go out on his own.

Using a second hand 1980 Isuzu KS21, which had a couple of tool boxes on the back, he simply went out to work.

"I found I was doing a heck of a lot of 'ks' and it was always pretty well loaded with tools and spares and fluids,” Gyro said.

"I tortured that poor little truck, but it was a pretty tough and it's basically the reason why I've stuck with an Isuzu for our second truck.”

Gyro's second truck is a 1994 Isuzu FSR 500. It has a 175hp naturally aspirated six cylinder diesel, a five-speed gearbox and a 9.5 tonne gvm.

He purchased it as a tipper but that body came off and was replaced with a custom designed and built tray.

Gyro said he put a lot of thought into the new body to ensure it was well organised and could do what he expected of it as a mobile, field workshop.

Behind the cab sits a cab-height box that hold a compressor and generator and that at its upper level, has lots of storage capacity for tools and spare parts.

Two tool boxes sit on either side of the tray towards the front. They hold more tools and equipment.

"I've done the exercise of cutting down on what I load onto the truck,” Gyro said.

"But what do you leave at home. The day you do, you can bet the minute you get out on a job, the tools you've left behind are the ones you'll want. It'll nail you every time.”

Out on the rear right corner of the tray sits a 500kg capacity crane (at 3.5m) that's big enough to lift a lot of engines, gearboxes and other equipment.

"The tray's been built so that, if needed, I can upgrade the crane,” he said.

It's a neat little rig that's operated by a widely experienced and well skilled man who can help you keep your wheels turning.

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