MasterChef Top 20 contestant Dalvinder Dhami.
MasterChef Top 20 contestant Dalvinder Dhami. Stuart Bryce

Greek downfall for Dalvinder

WHO would have thought a Greek salad could be so complicated.

MasterChef judge George Calombaris tasked bottom three contestants Dalvinder Dhami, Andrew Strickland and Audra Morrice with recreating his modern take on the classic side dish in tonight's elimination challenge.

"It's got 10 different components," said Dhami.

"I think the most difficult was the terrine…. And the cucumber ice cream, I was like 'whoa'.

"I knew information would be given to us and there would be step-by-step instructions to follow, but it still was really daunting."

The mum-of-three went from a front runner to the latest contestant eliminated from MasterChef in just one night.

The 35-year-old public servant found herself in tonight's three-and-a-half-hour elimination challenge after her team lost last night's Rick Stein seafood challenge.

She started strong but soon found herself buckling under the pressure.

"I came to the part where I had to make the olive sponge cake. I had to put the mixture in this gas bottle and I was supposed to shake it up. I fumbled with that device - I was scared it was going to blow up - and at that point in time I just lost my confidence," she said.

"I sort of broke down a little bit and I couldn't seem to recoup myself again."
It was a quick fall from the top after weeks of success.

"Getting three top dishes three weeks in a row was a highlight for me," she said.

"I never expected for any of my dishes to be selected."

Dhami is now selling her delicious Indian dishes, including butter chicken, lamb korma and mixed vegetable curry, at her local markets.

"It has been a great success so far," she said.

"The butter chicken has been a hit.

"I've also got information going out about catering for people's house parties. I have been approached by a few colleagues and family friends to host a cooking show for them at home."

Tomorrow night, British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver stops by the MasterChef kitchen.

MasterChef airs Sundays at 7.30pm and week days at 7pm on Ten.

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