Give us more room to sleep, pleads truckie

HOW are you supposed to manage your fatigue when you're sleeping in what feels like a shoebox?

Truckie David Noel started a Facebook page earlier this month calling for a change in length regulations - measuring everything from the "forward most king pin back".

"Just everything in front of that articulation point should not be included in the measurements," he told Big Rigs.

The Facebook page kicked off on November 2 and before the weekend was out had more than 400 likes from truckies and other individuals showing their support for his call to change the measurement rules.

"The idea behind this is not to extend the overall length of the trailers but just have better ride quality and sleeping quarters," he said.

David, who stands at six feet tall, said he couldn't lay flat in a lot of bunks. He said he'd been playing around with the idea for the last 10 years, but recently was inspired by the power of social media so put his suggestions out there.

"What's the worst it can happen, I'm just going to watch it grow and grow and try and get (the suggestion) out there," he said.

"The idea is the power of the people, (I want) to get more numbers behind it to show that it's more than just me (who thinks this), see what they think and take it from there."  

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