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COST EFFICIENT: Centramatic wheel balancers can pin point drive line vibrations.
COST EFFICIENT: Centramatic wheel balancers can pin point drive line vibrations. Contributed

DRIVELINE vibration can be a major headache to solve on a rough riding prime mover, but Centramatic Aust has an easy bolt on cost effective solution to solve and help diagnose its source.

The guys at Centramatic say the wheel brake drum assembly is the heaviest and largest rotating mass in the driveline system and when unbalanced can be the main cause or part of the problem, and you can eliminate its effects by simply bolting a Centramatic balancer between the dual wheels, allowing you to balance eight wheels with just two sets (pairs) of balancers.

This can eliminate the problem or pin point which other part of the system is also causing vibration, as due to the different speed of driveline components the felt vibration will differ by speed and frequency, wheels will have a slower/ lower frequency than tail shafts.

With Centramatic balancers fitted to the drive and steer wheels of prime movers going from a non-balanced condition to continuous auto-balanced, you can get a dramatic difference in tyre life.

This increased life goes with a reduction in road friction resistance and results in less horsepower required, improving bottom line fuel expenses.

There’s also a noticeable improvement in driver passenger comfort, especially over long haul trips, helping drivers arrive at their destination much more relaxed.

Centramatic balancers are a once off purchase that don’t need replacing when changing tyres.

Give Centramatic a call today to benefit from total vehicle wheel balancing on 1300 822 765.

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