Get kids active in search for eggs

MOST kids across Australia will only have one thought when it comes to Easter - chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

This year Easter Saturday falls on April 7 which is internationally celebrated as World Health Day, serving as a good reminder to parents to maintain the balance between Easter treats and keeping kids healthy and active.

Exercise and Sports Science executive officer Anita Hobson-Powell says Easter is a fun time for kids and the search for eggs is a great opportunity to get them active to compensate for all the chocolate they enjoy following the egg hunt.

Easter egg treasure hunt suggestions:

Here are some suggestions you may want to use as written clues for your treasure hunt. Of course, these clues have been left by the Easter Bunny to help kids find their hidden treasure.

To find the eggs, move your legs

Find something kids can run around a number of times before looking in a particular place for some chocolate treasure. For example, run around the slide three times before climbing the stairs and seeing what's on top.

Try and try the biggest are up high

Find a safe place for your children to climb, whether it's up a tree, a ladder or some stairs.

For the eggs you like, get on your bike

Kids love a good bike ride, find a safe place to leave some treasure along your road and let them follow clues to find the eggs.

Hop like a bunny for chocolate in your tummy

Get the kids to make some bunny ears the day before, prepare a short course for them to hop around ending close to a hidden egg.

On your marks, get set- to find the prize you must get wet.

Use the swimming pool or garden hose to let your kids enjoy some water play. This could include swimming two lengths of the pool, jumping over a jet of water from the hose, running through the sprinkler or finding floating containers of eggs in the pool.

Egg and spoon to a tune

The egg and spoon race has always been a favourite. Decorate hard boiled eggs the day before, set up a start and finish line or set up a course for them to follow which ends close to a hidden Easter egg.

For treasure big, you must dig

Whether in a sandpit, in a box of grit or pebbles or down at the beach, X marks the spot.

Above all, have fun.

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