Sally Tipping from Tippings Transport.
Sally Tipping from Tippings Transport.

Gender inequality in the trucking industry

THERE are a couple of fantastic groups for female truckies and they are slowly starting to become recognised as an integral part of todays transport industry.

Female truckies are pulling their weight and showing their counterparts, they are fierce and a force to be reckoned with. About time.

What about female directors and co-owners of transport companies, especially small companies and owner drivers, that may have only two directors, like my own, a husband and wife team?

Are they being recognised for the integral part they play in running a successful company?

In my own company, my husband handles all logistics and allocating, I handle all finance, registration and administration.

Employing a third person to navigate all compliance and safety issues.

We have a multimillion-dollar turnover, which isn’t hard, as transport companies are usually high turnover and always seems to have higher costings.

My husband always does a fantastic job and I feel confident I do too.

We always discuss different situations we may face; however, final decision is up to the persons role it falls into.

Over the last six months, I have had four incidences that really show gender inequality is still rife within our industry.

  • I receive a phone call from our insurance broker business asking if I do any of my husbands’ paperwork? I had been dealing with this company for 20 years, I don’t anymore.
  • I needed to ring another trucking company, regarding an overdue invoice.

Response- “It’s so hard in the game at the moment- ask your husband, he’ll tell you”.

All while I am staring at a computer screen, trying to somehow budget.

  • My annual pest control visit to my home-

“Gee! You can tell a truckie lives here! How many trucks does your husband have?”

The exact same time, I was trying to pay all end of month accounts.

  • A colleague- “That’s great you have a compliance manager, that means you don’t have to do too much.”

Even though my own husband is extremely supportive and always gives me great encouragement.

It never ceases to amaze me- women are still treated as a though they are a bit of a sideline in a small company and the husband is always the boss.

Women are an integral part in running a transport business and should be acknowledged accordingly.

One can’t be successful without the other.

Today, I applaud all women, like myself, dealing with the pressures of running a Transport Company.

You are doing a super job, never give up!

On a side note: This does not apply to our truck salesmen- they always ring me and ask if it is OK, that my husband is ordering a new truck!

They know where their bread is buttered!

•Sally Tipping is the managing director of Tippings Transport.

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