Gary loves to drive this Kenworth

LEARNING to drive an old 1965 International on a farm in South Australia has held friendly truckie Gary Haigh in good stead.

I saw the 47-year-old Gary at the BP Cluden in Townsville on August 9 beside the Kenworth powered by a 530hp motor 409 he drives for Robertson Haulage.

"This is a really great truck and the first time I have driven one with an automatic transmission - I love it, recently I got into the driver's seat of a truck without it and asked the boss what the gear stick was,” he said with a laugh.

Originally from Renmark in SA and now based in southern Queensland, Gary had transported chilled goods from Brisbane to Townsville.

He was waiting on word of a backload of produce to pick up at Bowen about 200km south.

"I have been a truckie for 14 years and hope to continue on for many more,” he said.

Outside work Gary likes fishing in fresh water streams around St George in Queensland and has regular some success landing Yellowbelly species.

"Camping is also one of my favourite things to do,” he said.

Gary barracks for Port Adelaide in the AFL and the Brisbane Broncos in the NRL and rates the road between Warwick and Goondiwindi as amongst the worst he gets along.

"I also don't like the habits of some van drivers who park in rest areas taking up space of trucks.”

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