Judy Hansen in the Actros.
Judy Hansen in the Actros. Contributed

Future of logistics is looking bright

WE ARE well into October and the wheels are still turning, complainers still complaining and trainers are still training. But seriously, the new, improved Chain of Responsibility did not stop the supply chain in its tracks.

Everyone is still getting the job done, some are panicking and smashing out audits but we should have been compliant all along.

More importantly has been the new pledges about money for rest areas, money for driver training, money for infrastructure.

If this money is forthcoming in full, it is a time of positive happenings. We still have a long way to go with fatigue and rest areas but at least we are starting to be heard more than before.

One of the speakers at the Road Transport Forum New Zealand conference spoke as part of the fatigue and impairment panel. Melanie Moylan spoke about the difference between fatigue and sleepiness and the different ways to treat them. Something I am going to investigate and discuss further with her.

Transport Women Australia Limited went to spent time one and half days at the Girl Guides international Jamboree at Newington Armoury in Sydney.

The organisation of this event involved bringing in equipment for 1500 Girl Guides, plus leaders and volunteers, and getting the girls on site from all over Australia and overseas countries which was an enormous task and logistics nightmare, but the guides community jumped in and made it happen.

Whole families of volunteers it seems, once a Guide always a Guide. Dads and boyfriends driving trucks and buses and everyone assembling tents and everything else.

It blew my mind that they took 1500 girls on public transport to the Sydney CBD and back again without losing anyone at all. They were certainly noticed.

Daimler Australia gave us a new Mercedes Benz Actros for the day and the girls had been flooded out during the night and were wet and tired, they loved the truck and were fascinated by the size; they asked a multitude of questions, some funny, some great.

They were checking out blind spots and making us walk around the truck to see whether they could see us, maybe they just loved us getting even wetter. It was certainly a great day for the industry.

We are forming a committee to formalise the curriculum for the Transportation Badge and the presentation for transport companies to present to Guides Units so that the correct information is getting out there about the industry, and especially about road safety.

We had a great group of guests from our sponsors Austbrokers AEI Transport for the 'Campfire Night' which had to be postponed due to inclement weather. We were fabulously welcomed, entertained and given a site tour by the Guides and the Leadership team on the night. Everyone was fascinated and blown away by the organisation and the logistics of the operation and how many activities they were enjoying and learning.

The future of logistics is looking bright, next time you need an operations supervisor/ manager it could be worth your while checking out the Girl Guide Leader Community.

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