IT’S a brave new world at Fuso, with its environmental commitment on show at the Tokyo Motor Show.
IT’S a brave new world at Fuso, with its environmental commitment on show at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Fuso has bright, green future

A RECENT trip to Japan coinciding with the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show brought transport journalists from Europe, North America and Australia together to see Fuso's environmental commitment to the future.

The trip proved Fuso is strategically placed to be a dominant world player, with its parent company Daimler supporting its five-pillar strategy dubbed 'Fuso 15' which plans to eliminate wastage and build a truly green company as well as further developing its product base and export offerings.

Fuso exports now make up 80% of its market with local product only 20%. It is also Daimler's largest volume truck product, with 40% closely followed by Mercedes Benz 38% followed by Western Star 22%.

As a leader, it is no surprise the Fuso plays a significant role in research and development with clean technology vehicles which dominated its stand at the Tokyo Motor Show.

"We have the power to shape the future of transportation to deliver trucks and buses that are leaders in fuel efficiency, low emissions and set the best choice for our customers and our society," said MFTBC president and chief executive Dr Albert Kirchmann.

It is clear Fuso has put in the hard yards after the devastating earthquakes and tsunami that left a trail of devastation and crippled the manufacturing capabilities of Japan.

Dr Kirchmann said that, to the credit of the Fuso staff, within three months of the events, production was looking up. He said the devastation had been so widespread in the industry it was uncertain if there would even be a Motor Show last year.

However the Japanese industry rallied together and put on the show and Fuso workers worked hard to get production back to and exceeding the pre-quake levels.

"We still expect to exceed 2010 sales in 2011 despite interruptions from the earthquakes," he said.

Mr Andreas Renschler, Daimler AG board of management member responsible for Daimler Trucks and Daimler Buses quipped in his address to the media at the show, "I hope you agree: Mercedes-Benz cars are pretty cool, but if you ask me our trucks and buses are even cooler".

No bias there of course, but he did have a point. On the stand, as featured in our brief of the Fuso releases last year, were the new Canter Eco Hybrid Light-Duty Truck, the Canter E-CELL Electric Truck, the Super Great Eco Hybrid Heavy-Duty Truck and the Aero Queen Large Touring Bus using Bluetec (SCR) technology.

After the show, the top men explained Daimler's long-term strategy.

"As one of the biggest global truck manufactures we profit from the experience of our global team, and we can do more than talk about new technologies we can actually put them on the road," Mr Renschler said.

He said vehicles with clean-drive technologies and alternative fuels were tested and proven, with over 200,000 trucks and buses around the world on the road.

"We have concentrated our global hybrid activities at our global hybrid centre at Kawasaki at Fuso," he said.

"And the product we represent to you today is proof our colleagues are really pushing the state of the art."

Go online to view images of the Tokyo Motor Show and next edition read about the Australian specified Heavy Duty range.

Fuso 15

FUSO 2015 is a holistic improvement program - for growth in all aspects.

It has five goals:

 Firstly to be the leader in green innovation,

 Secondly to be the number one for customers in Japan,

 Thirdly to be a profitable global player,

 Fourthly to be the efficiency leader,

 Finally, to be number one for employers in their industry and their markets.

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