FuelHack will start on May 9.
FuelHack will start on May 9.

FUELHACK: Calling all with innovative ideas on fuel usage

DO YOU have an innovative idea that can shake up the fuel industry and optimise consumption?

Then you should give Linfox and YBF Ventures x Linfox FuelHack a go, where participants will have 28 hours to tackle challenges such as route optimisation, fuel-price tracking, driver behaviour monitoring and the use of telemetry for fuel economy in the search for the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible transport solution.

Fuel is one of the highest operating costs for supply chain organisations and the fastest transport models can often be the least fuel efficient.

Linfox is committed to reducing its environmental impact and invests heavily in renewable energy, supply chain optimisation, landfill reduction strategies an the most efficient fleet to make good on this commitment.

These investments have already reaped significant environmental benefits.

The hackathon, which kicks off on May 9, aims to further reduce carbon emissions across Linfox's fleet of vehicles.

An optimisation of just one per cent can significantly lower carbon emissions across a large network.

The winning solution will receive $8000 in cash (the runner up $2000) and both will be awarded a coworking space at YBF Ventures' headquarters in Melbourne.

Linfox chief technology officer Nick Delijia said Linfox had been at the forefront of supply chain management and logistics for more than 60 years and was looking forward to working with YBF Ventures to find "stand-out technological solutions to optimise our fuel use".

"I can't wait to see what the hackathon teams come up with," he said.

YBF Ventures chief executive officer Farley Blackman said he had "no doubt" participants would come up with some exciting ideas that would help "drive Linfox into the next decade".

Do you have a great idea to share with the team for FuelHack?
Do you have a great idea to share with the team for FuelHack?


Prior to the event, a sample Linfox dataset will be released to participants.

The data will include sample fuel and supply chain information, intended to provide an idea of what to expect.

On the first day, following registration, Linfox chief financial officer Michael Pickard will welcome participants and Linfox chief information officer Conrad Harvey will run the teams through Linfox's current use of technology.

YBF Ventures' chief of staff Jason Lim will coach attendees on making the most of the 28-hour event.

Jason has been with the company since 2012 and has produced multiple hackathons in the past.

The judging panel consists of YBF Ventures CEO Farley Blackman, Linfox CFO Michael Pickard, Linfox CIO Conrad Harvey, Linfox National Operations Manager Lynn Gould, Linfox general manager Shona Slimmon, Linfox general manager Debbie Reich and Viva Energy Australia EGM - People and Culture Jodie Haydon.

You can register for the event here

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