This truckie is baffled at the behaviour of drivers in the city.
This truckie is baffled at the behaviour of drivers in the city. martin-dm

Frustrated Top End truckie's drama with city cars

THIS letter is out of confusion.

I have been driving road trains in the Northern Territory for 22 years and never had a drama with cars until now that I have moved to Melbourne recently.

I don't think I have ever had a problem with cars in the NT because the speed limit is 130kmh and it's mostly single lane and plenty of over taking lanes so they don't hold you up at all.

I am driving a B-double at the moment from Melbourne to Nhill five days a week and just mentally drained by the end of the week, I know now the truckies must be absolutely exhausted and fatigued after doing Melboune to Adelaide.

Because I have just found out that my car that I just bought in 2018 is doing 5kmh under the speed limit.

So when I am doing 100kmh I am only doing 95kmh, I just recently got it serviced and asked the dealer to change it to the correct way it should be and they declined saying its government regulations.

So now I feel like I have bought a expensive inferior vehicle which is mine so I should have the right to have it do the correct speed limit and not have to buy another device to tell me how fast I am travelling.

So when I am stuck behind cars I have to wonder if it the same as mine car 5km/h under what they think they are doing which is very regular, my truck is satellite tracked and can only do 100kmh and I have a very tight schedule.

My question is why are all vehicles different and not all the same it only makes us truckies look bad and we have a very bad name down here as truckies so why can't this be changed so we all on the same playing field.

When you finally get to town you end up going around the cars because they are only doing 95kmh and they would be thinking look at this bloke just another lunatic truckie when we are not doing anything wrong but the speed limit.

Just want to see us all on the same page I am just very frustrated with it all maybe we can spread the word or get the laws changed for all of us and we wont look so bad for doing the right thing.

Sorry its so long and hope you understand and I have never done this before, hope it all makes sence to you

Regards Sparra (frustrated truckie from the top end)

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