Paul and  Antwenette Vassallo ready to serve fresh food.
Paul and Antwenette Vassallo ready to serve fresh food. Contributed

Former truckie starts up a food truck for drivers

WHO better to run a food truck just for truckies than a former truckie?

Paul Vassallo gave up truck driving gig recently, after 35 years behind the wheel, because he was sick of driving in traffic.

"Mobile phones were the worst thing to happen to driving,” he said.

But he still loved driving and didn't want to quit the industry entirely so thought about what truckies needed.

And that, he said, was somewhere to get freshly cooked food on the freeway.

"(Where I used to drive) there was nowhere to stop except McDonalds,” he said.

So, he decided to buy his own food truck and give it a whirl. His wife, Antwenette, who worked as a hairdresser for 15 years, has joined him in his foodie enterprise.

"He's mentioned about doing a food truck before but I've always said no,” she said.

"But we're going to give it a go.”

The food truck, Paul's trusty Isuzu 75-190, painted blue and decorated in burgers and other delicious food, is located on the Western Freeway in Victoria, Ballarat bound on the weighbridge.

When Big Rigs spoke to Antwenette and her husband, the pair had been open for just a week and had some positive feedback - truckies who'd stopped one day were coming back again.

"We're a takeaway shop on wheels,” Antwenette said. "We've got egg and bacon rolls, sandwiches, coffee, chicken burgers, hot dogs - all freshly made.”

The truck opens at 6.30am.

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