Facebook photo of a croc in a cane paddock.
Facebook photo of a croc in a cane paddock. Contributed

Flooded creek sends croc walkabout

BEFORE he set out to help children and workers across a flooded creek, Walkerston resident Darrell McLennan was dealing with a surprise visitor near his farm shed.

A 2-metre crocodile made its way to the shed Tuesday afternoon as floodwater in Bakers Creek, at the back of his house, began rising.

"About 1.45pm I saw everyone running and I thought it might have been a snake," Mr McLennan said.

"I've never had crocodiles here before, but children swim in the creek, close to where the crocodile was, which is scary.

"It ran past the shed."

A photo of a crocodile, reportedly swimming in a flooded Homebush cane paddock, also surfaced on Facebook yesterday, but the sighting could not be confirmed.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) wildlife management operations team leader Joe Adair said the crocodile sighted on the McLennan's property was most likely seeking refuge from the flowing water.

"The animal did not show any aggression and it quickly moved back into the water as soon as it was approached," Mr Adair said.

"The crocodile was seen heading downstream with the current.

"QPWS rangers attended and advised that the animal was unlikely to return as it would have to swim against the fast moving floodwater.

"All sightings should be reported on 1300 130 372."

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