FIVE MINUTES WITH YOGI: Why do you want to drive a truck?

WHAT makes you want to get up out of bed and be a truck driver?

That's the question that Glenn "Yogi" Kendall of Kendall Trucking and Co and Outback Truckers fame posed on this week's episode of The Big Rigs Podcast.


The reason why he wanted to know? To help with the driver shortage and to help attract young people into the trucking industry.

Yogi said his thoughts came after he attended a forum in his home state of Western Australia on the driver shortage recently.

"It became pretty obvious that it's not so much of a driver shortage in WA, but it's the quality of driver shortage," he said on Episode #18 of the podcast's second season.

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He said the forum made for an interesting discussion.

"Is there a driver shortage? What makes young people get into the industry?" he said.

But to answer that question, Yogi reckons drivers need to look to themselves for inspiration.

"Tell us - what made you get into trucking? What made you want to do the job? Here's me at five in the arvo, got a couple hours to go, I've been going since seven or eight this morning, what makes me want to do it?

"I love it, I love it, I love it. But I'm old and have a love/hate relationship with trucking. It loves to hate me. Some days are good, but some days its bad.

"What is the fascination? Is it the open road? The freedom? People love this job because of the freedom but I also believe that the freedom has been taken away from us. We've got full facing cameras, rear facing cameras looking at what we're doing. I know what it's like, I have a camera in my face.

"But it's mentally draining. There's gotta be something that makes people want to do this job.

"I reckon it's the open road, the fact that everyday is different. I don't know what's around the corner. I was going to Melbourne tomorrow but now I'm going on Friday.

"That's it for me, the absolute freedom and the absolute unknown. I know my brother, he can't handle the unknown. He's got a routine, he's had the same job for the same number of years and he loves his profession."

So what is it about trucks that makes you say "Hey, I want to be a truck driver!"?

As Yogi says, "the only way we're going to change is that you will make the change".

Let us know by commenting or emailing us at editor@bigrigs.com.au.

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