SYSTEMIC PROBLEMS: Richard Olsen at one of the many recent protests outside Aldi premises.
SYSTEMIC PROBLEMS: Richard Olsen at one of the many recent protests outside Aldi premises. TWU NSW

Fighting for safer workplaces

MEMBERS of the TWU marched in protest against Aldi.

TWU Members are publicly demonstrating their deepest concerns for consumers, dockhands and drivers about unsafe work practices they are exposed to in the supply chain.

Revelations have been aired that blow the lid on the Aldi supply chain.

The company has nowhere to go, but to stand up and answer the allegations made to them, and to talk about what they are doing to ensure a safer supply


We have seen revealed what transport workers directly or indirectly in the supply chain have been saying for years about Aldi. There are systemic problems.

If Aldi continues to avoid the conversation about safety in their supply chain, we will continue this action.

Senior management of Aldi must sit down with

the TWU and show us how they are taking on their share of the responsibility for the proper protection of our membership, all workers and the public.

It is an absolute disgrace that Aldi are not coming forward to assure us they are providing a safer workplace for workers in their supply chain.

The TWU is already working with Coles and Woolworths, preparing to enter the next phase with them in regards to safety in their supply chain.

Where is Aldi?

We can clean up the supply chain and it means a safer and fairer industry is created. Better conditions come from creating strong workplace agreements that ensure safety is a part of everyone's work day.

We are not alone in this, we are taking on the lack of safety in the supply chain across all the sectors we represent. We are there to change the transport industry for the better.

Drivers have families to feed and rent or mortgages to pay, yet they are often forced to bow to the pressure from companies that are engaging in the practice of picking on those smaller than themselves.

We are there to target the people in the industry who are doing the wrong thing against their workforce.

For as long as there are companies that continue to push standards down, they put at risk the decades of work that has been done to ensure good safety and great working conditions.

We will continue the fight for safer workplaces and safer vehicles.

Avoiding the conversation about safety and avoiding your share of the responsibility for safety in the transport industry means that it's possible a driver does not come home tonight.

That is not the type of transport industry we need.

What we want is safer and fairer workplaces and we want that now.

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