Female escorts creating confusion


THESE days there are more and more female "escorts" involved in the road transport industry.

Let's qualify this before we go any further.

These are the escorts of the type who drive in front of trucks which carry wide loads to let oncoming traffic know to be careful.

In recent months Spy has witnessed numerous incidences where this double meaning title may have caused some confusion, and indeed some humour.

Several of the fair gender that Spy yarned to have made it clear that they must be referred to as PILOTS and not escorts.

"Every time we are mentioned as female escorts people think we are hookers so as far as we are concerned pilot is a much better title," one told me.

Spy saw some male drivers at a roadhouse parking area recently and they were joking about the very subject.

"A lot of people see the ladies and have a go at them by calling them escorts and don't they whinge. But it is all a bit of fun," one said.

Another suggested that if they are to be called pilots that also could create some comment.

"I reckon a lot will think are aircraft pilots," another quipped.

Anyway to all these champions who do such a good job, Spy will always refer to you as pilot drivers in the future.



IN recent months a lot of truckies have told Spy they have witnessed near misses at railway level crossings.

These truckies come from various states around Oz and have spoken to Spy at roadhouses.

Most of the near misses have involved cars or caravans going over the crossings despite flashing lights being activated.

Some of these crossings have cameras so authorities can prosecute any culprits.

There was a program on national television a week ago which showed some near misses.

One can only ponder what gets into the mind of these people who risk their own lives and those of the train drivers and passengers.


TRUCKIES driving along the busy highway near Newcastle in NSW couldn't believe their eyes.

Two middle aged men were standing beside their car urinating.

It was on the driver's side of the vehicle and to make matters worse they had half-full stubbies of beer on the car roof.

It was like a showing a red rag to a bull.

Two fellows blatantly breaking the law on a number of counts.

The truckie Spy spoke to was past the car before he could get a number plate.

Spy wonders if anybody did ring the boys in blue.



TRUCKIES who were chatting as they were standing around the parking area of a big and popular roadhouse thought a colleague was having a heart attack as he walked across a paddock from a nearby shop.

The veteran driver was coughing uncontrollably and two ran over to assist him.

Another was ready to call an ambulance.

However the driver stopped coughing and offered an explanation.

"I opened my mouth and swallowed a fly or two," he offered.

Then he went over to the roadhouse eatery and ordered a real meal.


DIABETES is a disease which many truckies and members of their families have been affected by.

Between May 9 and 13 nine truckies driving along the Flinders Highway between Charters Towers and Townsville will see a lemon-yellow coloured horse drawn cart.

Driving the cart will be Charters Towers man Jim Barrett with his wife Joan beside him and they will be fundraising for Diabetes Queensland.

Now aged in her seventies, Joan has suffered from type one diabetes for six decades and has been presented with a Kellion award for those with the disease who have survived for 50 years.

They will travel more than 30km daily and will be accompanied by a convoy.

Having done the journey before they found truckies very supportive and expect that to be the case again.

One thing they have asked though is that truckies don't blow their horns near them as it may frighten the four horses.



SPY hears that many people involved in the road transport industry had a ball at the Dirt n Dust Festival at outback Julia Creek.

Held on April 21 and 22 it involved a triathlon and various other events such as a best butt contest and a bull ride.

The triathlon started at Eastern Creek billabong on the Mount Isa side of Julia Creek where competitors swam in murky waters.

A road train was used to transport all the bikes there for the 15km ride which followed into town.

Then there was a 5km run through Julia Creek.

Spy hears several interstate truckies managed to have a day off and enjoy festivities.

One hails from the Northern Territory and another from WA and they have been singing the praises of the weekend to everyone who wants to listen.


THREE off duty truckies sitting along the Cairns Esplanade were delighted to see celebrity Mark "Jacko" Jackson walking along past them.

Jacko is the former champion AFL footballer who later became famous for his part in the battery advertisement which appeared on national television.

One greeted Jacko with a warm hello and then he responded in a very friendly manner.

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