Avid Big Rigs' reader Clare McGillivery.
Avid Big Rigs' reader Clare McGillivery.

Farewell, Big Rigs: Reader reaction

IT’S a sad day for all of us here at Big Rigs and our readers are sharing our sorrow, with our last edition coming out on Friday, June 26.

We’ve received many lovely messages and thought we’d share a few of them with you.

Family farewell

“AS A family, we will greatly miss Big Rigs.

“My younger brother Ian and I loved the pictures of trucks and the interesting stories about trucks and people. Caleb, my oldest brother, who is a diesel mechanic, appreciated the more technical articles and ads that kept him informed about new products.

“My Dad says Big Rigs kept him up-to-date with changes in the rules and new developments in the transport industry.

“He is concerned about how he is going to access such information in a user friendly and interesting hard copy format.

“It’s a sad end of an era for us all. We thank you and your team for a great publication, and for being a trusted voice of the transport industry.

“Big Rigs will be terribly missed by many people.”

Kind regards,

Claire McGillivery

Falling foul of review

“LOOKS like we have all fallen foul of a right-left combination – a corporate review, which is always a clinical process, then a sucker punch from a virus.

“Whatever the cause, Big Rigs is a casualty, and the industry is the worse for it. I have written stories for BR for nearly 10 years, the last couple being the most consistent. The paper has improved steadily until it is at present, I believe the best it’s ever been.

“Volvo Group did a survey a few years ago. BR was top of the heap in truck publications, and the company has supported it ever since. Hopefully, some interested parties will be able to progress negotiations with News Corp, and we can see BR back on the stands soon.

“Meanwhile, to James Graham and all the team, thank you for accepting my material and developing a superb product. It’s been a privilege, and I genuinely hope the stars align to make it possible – again.”

David Meredith – On the Road

Long-time Big Rigs' contributor David Meredith.
Long-time Big Rigs' contributor David Meredith.

Massive contribution

“COMMUNICATION is a critical element in road safety, outside of enforcement, education, and engagement.

“Big Rigs have jumped on all aspects of road safety related material that Traffic and Highway Patrol Command have issued, relative to safety and compliance issues, along with the significant contributions that drivers, owners and operators have made across Australia.

“I take this opportunity to acknowledge the Big Rigs print and digital platforms, and all those that have kept that going, which now leaves a significant void in the transport industry.”

Chief Inspector Phil Brooks, NSW Police Force, Traffic and Highway Patrol Command

NSW Police Traffic Highway Patrol and Command chief inspector Phil Brooks.
NSW Police Traffic Highway Patrol and Command chief inspector Phil Brooks.

Mat Kerr: “Enjoyed my time as a contributor to the paper a few years ago now, had a few cover shots in that time too that I was more than proud about, take care everyone, be safe and thank you.”

Bill Robb: “Just terrible. It’s so important for the industry to have a consolidated go to point for news and what’s coming, I just don’t know where the industry will go now for news “Facebook”? Anyway very sad to hear your closing as a fantastic read.”

Duane Steven: “What a shame we are losing a great source of information to the industry. Hope all you guys and girls find somewhere else to go. Sadly miss you all.”

Sharon Lee Middleton: “Wow, that is sad news team. You guys have kept the industry informed, connected and given a mechanism for sharing the good and the bad.

“You have been like a home base.

“Thank you for the dedication and passion for all of us in the industry.”

Leanne Prince: “On behalf of Brisbane Convoy for Kids, I would like to thank you for all your help over the last 11 years. Your features of convoy have always been great.

And on a personal note, thank you for all your magazine has done for the guys and girls of the transport industry. I, for one, will miss reading it.”

Mark Freer: “This is such sad news this paper has been there through my whole career. Its given me heads up on changes to our industry and has been the talking point for many a parking bay cook up and a coldie. Thankyou champions enjoyed every issue.”

Roz Nanna Turner: “Truckin’ Life wasn’t much of a loss because it hasn’t been for or about truckies for a long time BUT you guys & girls have always done a great job & we thank you :) :)”

Brent Paddy: “Thank you to all the people who work at Big Rigs past and present. You have been great for the industry and I for one will truly miss your paper.”

Susan Hazeltine: “Wow, that is such sad news. I feel so sorry for you all for all the hard work you have put in all these years to give us all the latest news and info around Australia.

“Can’t think of one particular story, but thank you will never be enough for your dedication to what you believe in. Thank you so much for all your informative stories and the company is making a big mistake in my eyes.

“Best wishes to you all and thank you, and hoping they come to they’re senses.”

Ann-Marie Hicks: “Really disappointed to hear this news. Thank you to all that worked to make the publication a source of information for the trucking community. I wish the staff all the best for your future and hope the door that opens is bigger and better than the one that will close.”

Darren Delaney: “A sad day for everyone in the industry. Big Rigs has been part of my required reading for many long years, I remember buying the first edition all those years ago when I was over in WA, to everyone past and present who has made Big Rigs what it is today you will be sadly missed and I hope you can find someone else to let you keep telling the stories that we want to read about.”

Karl Black: “So sad to hear this news. Thank you all for your hard work both past and present.

“Such a wonderful publication and one every truckie/enthusiast looked forward to reading while pulled up at some of the best roadhouses around the country over the years. It has also been an honour to have had some of my work grace your pages in recent times. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.”

Luke Mortimer: “My old man is a retired truckie and we always appreciated having a paper sticking up for the industry. The crew at Big Rigs have done a top job over the years, bloody sad to see it go.”

Margherita Poli: “This is a real shame. Big Rigs has been a reliable source of industry information for almost three decades. Very sad to see its end.”

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