BUSINESS IS BLOOMING: Miles Transport carts fresh flowers from its Depot in Monbulk, Victoria, counting on its fleet of Maxi-CUBE refrigerated vans to perform the task.
BUSINESS IS BLOOMING: Miles Transport carts fresh flowers from its Depot in Monbulk, Victoria, counting on its fleet of Maxi-CUBE refrigerated vans to perform the task.

Family-run business relies on close bonds

MILES Transport was established in 1991 by Geoff Miles' parents, Nick and Mary. In the beginning, the company transported garden and nursery stock from Melbourne to all over Tasmania, however in 1999 they were asked to cart fresh-cut flowers from Melbourne to Sydney - something Miles Transport has been doing ever since.

After Nick passed away in 2012, Geoff assumed a more hands-on role and started running the company alongside his mother. It is truly a family-run business, with two of Geoff's sisters, Theresa and Cathleen, also working with them.

The company still operates out of its depot in Monbulk in Victoria's scenic Dandenong Ranges, although the size of the depot has expanded fairly from its first set up.

When Nick established Miles Transport he had just one prime mover and a trailer that he purchased through his old employer. From those humble beginnings the company has come a long way to now owning 12 prime movers and 13 trailers, 12 of which are Maxi-CUBE refrigerated trailers - manufactured by MaxiTRANS.

Miles Transport has a longstanding relationship with MaxiTRANS, which is one of the reasons they turned to the company for its latest purchase of a new purpose built Maxi-CUBE Classic Hi-CUBE Refrigerated B-double. The other reason was for quality.

"The quality of Maxi-CUBE trailers is second to none. They are constantly working to better the product and as a result, with every new trailer there has been an improvement," Geoff said.

"Refrigeration is always a key consideration in the construction. Freezer burn can damage fragile goods such as freshly cut flowers, which is why the design of chutes from the fridge plays a big role in the even distribution of air within the trailer.

"This feature also comes in handy for storage and transport of other perishables such as fresh strawberries and other local produce that we also cart."

The company had purchased many pre-owned Maxi-CUBE trailers before getting its first new trailer in 2001.

"We still own a 1995 model and it is just so well-built that it is holding up strong all these years later," Geoff said.

Not that Miles Transport needs much repair work on their trailers, but if there is something that Geoff cannot handle himself, he always turns to MaxiTRANS for support.

"We can trust MaxiTRANS to always listen to any issue that we may have and know that they will help us with it.

"We have a very good relationship with MaxiTRANS' Area Sales Manager, Troy Kitchen, as well as the broader MaxiTRANS team. Whatever our requirements, they get straight to it. That's efficiency."

The latest B-double replaces the first similar set Miles Transport bought in 2009. Troy mentions that there have been many improvements to the design of the Maxi-CUBE Classic since then.

"In addition to significant tare weight savings, the latest Maxi-CUBE Refrigerated Classic design has a thermal efficiency improvement of over 5% compared to the previous design. This translates to improved performance, integrity of carried product and fuel efficiency for our customers," he said.

"What's more, the inclusion of a full length chassis, as well as a reinforced floor and rear frame, offers greater strength and durability without impacting on tare weight".

A key feature of the Maxi-CUBE Classic Hi-CUBE van is its thinner side walls, floor and roof that helps optimise cubic capacity, useful for when the load is slightly over standard pallet size.

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