PRICE IS WRONG: Fuel reforms coming.
PRICE IS WRONG: Fuel reforms coming. Trevor Veale

Calls for a fair go at the pump

IT'S good news for motorists with the NRMA reaffirming its support for the NSW Government's fuel price transparency and bio-fuel reforms.

NRMA strongly supports forcing all service stations to publish prices online in real time; IPART controlling the wholesale price of ethanol in NSW and the E10 Mandate, which aims to set ethanol at 6% of all fuel sold in NSW with exemptions for selected smaller independent service stations.

The NRMA has expressed concern at the growing disconnect between the public debate and the reality faced by motorists.

The government's decision to regulate the wholesale price of ethanol through IPART will ensure the three-to-four cent discount for E10 be passed on to the public, as opposed to the current gap of 1.5 to two cents per litre offered by the major oil companies.

The NRMA points to the United independent service stations as an example. United has its own ethanol supply and consistently sells E10 at four cents per litre cheaper than its regular unleaded brand.

"These reforms championed by NSW Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Victor Dominello give more power to the community and the oil companies don't like that one bit - hence the hysterical scare campaign currently under way," NRMA President Kyle Loades said.

"Bizarrely, the oil companies have claimed these important reforms will force petrol prices up eight cents per litre. This is a very specific prediction from an industry that notoriously struggles to explain why their prices can jump as high as 30 cents a litre within minutes."

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