Everyone needs a good sleep

SHUT-EYE: Good health generally starts with a good sleep.
SHUT-EYE: Good health generally starts with a good sleep. Wavebreakmedia Ltd

DO YOU get a good night's sleep?

Do you wake up refreshed each day, raring to get into the day?

Or do you wake up more like something out of The Walking Dead?

Having the odd night of bad sleep, aka broken, or little sleep seems almost tolerable compared to night after night of broken sleep or no sleep at all.

For some of us, a good night's sleep seems almost elusive, non-existent.

There are many things that cause sleep disturbances.

It is important to work out why you are not sleeping and to try to apply good sleep strategies to remedy them.

Some remedies will work fabulously for you and some not so much. If you are still not sleeping after trying these tips, then it is time to seek professional help.

Start by making sleep a priority. Every day. Every night.

Create a relaxing sleep space where you want to sleep.

Make sure your bed is comfy, there is minimal noise, the temperature is just right (not too hot and not too cold), and there is plenty of clear, fresh air.

Make sure you only use your sleep space for sleeping - no TV, no smartphones.

Make sure the lights in this room are kept low and when the lights are off the room is dark. Bright light disturbs the hormone melatonin, which helps you sleep.

Try not to eat too much in the two and a half hours before bed. Consuming large meals and fatty foods before you sleep have shown to cause sleep disturbances.

Alcohol has been shown to reduce your sleep quality, contributing to a restless night's sleep, so if you do drink, it is best to avoid alcohol in the hours before you go to bed.

Limit the amount of liquids you have in the two hours before you go to bed, otherwise your bladder will be waking you up all night.

Avoid caffeine for up to 12 hours before you go to bed.

Relaxation techniques have shown in studies to have powerful effects. Breathing exercises and visualisation of a restful place work really well.

If the above tips don't work for you and you are still having trouble sleeping, you should consult a medical professional to rule out any sleep disorders.

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