HOT TOPICS: E-petition calls for new overpass on Warrego Hwy

MINDEN CROSSROADS: Barb Frohloff shows Jim McDonald the dangerous intersection.
MINDEN CROSSROADS: Barb Frohloff shows Jim McDonald the dangerous intersection. Contributed

AN E-PETITION is calling for an overpass to be built at the intersection of the Warrego Highway and Lowood-Minden Road in Queensland - the latest attempt by community to bring changes to the notorious intersection.

Fernvale resident Paul Williams posted the e-petition to the Queensland Parliament's website at the start of the month, calling on politicians to "end the carnage".

The e-petition had received 856 signatures as of Wednesday morning, and will remain open until September.

Social media users shared their opinions about the highway's intersections.

Heidi-Maree Blake: No, I use this intersection and is not the intersection that's dangerous it's the people. Put a cop out there to fine the morons who can't adhere to the road rules when using this intersection. All an overpass will do is put barbs out of business and heavily impact the small school.

Jared Boon: "What makes that intersection any worse than others a long the Warrego. They are all the same and nothing at the others

"Plus seen a bus just pull straight out in front of traffic and half block a lane with not a care in the world."

Ann Waterhouse: "People need to take responsibility for being a BLOODY IDIOT on the roads. People need to start using the road rules and STOP being SO BLOODY IMPATIENT."

Lance Robinson: "Hell yes... no doubt about it .. the government talk about road safety well put ya money where ya mouth is and build an over pass..."

Sign the petition at the Work of the Assembly section at the website.

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