Drunk big rig brake tamperer sentenced in court

A 'FOOLISH' Warwick man walked from court with a fine after he tampered with brakes on a B-double, causing it to roll toward traffic at roadworks.

The Warwick Magistrates Court heard on Monday that Jacob Anthony Brookman was drunk when he jumped out of a car on the Cunningham Highway last May and disengaged the big rig's brakes.

Brookman pleaded guilty to one count of wilfully interfering with a mechanism or equipment on a vehicle.

Acting Magistrate Robert Walker said a truckie was worried when he saw Brookman get out of a car behind him and walk down the side of his load.

When the truck driver jumped from the rig, it started to roll towards parked cars.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said a pre-sentence report had been ordered for Brookman when he faced court last month, which had a 'sobering' effect on the 23-year-old.

He was fined $500 and no conviction was recorded.

A previous edition of this article included a photo of a B-double owned by SRV Roadfreight. We wish to clarify that SRV Roadfreight was not involved in this incident in any way. The image was removed upon this issue being brought to our attention.


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