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Truck/ stock photo/ file photo/ generic truck/ highway Kirstin Payne

WHY does the Heavy Vehicle National Law deem work as everything from driving to washing your truck, refuelling and loading or unloaded, waiting in a queue... but... .... BUT!!!!!

The modern Road Transport (Long Distance Operations) Award, which most long distance drivers are paid, only deem remunerative work as driving and loading/unloading specifically confined to gates, tarps or using mobile cranes.

Spending four hours to load at Primo and another four hours to unload at Woolies (Woolworths) dock to dock is NOT deemed as payable under the award.

TWU is currently fighting for us drivers, but Natroad and other associations are trying to squash these changes.

Have a read of Burge v Adelaide Interstate, around item 44, to hear what the judge has said.

The same result occurred in the recent FCCA hearing with J&C contracting.

Loading and unloading was not specificity gates tarps and mobile cranes.

Whereas in the local drivers award (MA000038), they must pay their drivers for every hour on the job, regardless of activity.

A night shift driver actually gets paid the same shift loading as a long distance driver gets.

It is an advantage to have long distance drivers do the pick-ups and deliveries because we don't have to be paid for it.

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