Caleb Bryce loves his job as a truckie.
Caleb Bryce loves his job as a truckie.

Dreams come true, as Caleb finds out

WHEN he was a boy Celeb Bryce got the “bug” to become a driver whilst a passenger in family company trucks in the Northern Rivers District of NSW.

That wish came to fruition in 2014 when the now 27-year-old Caleb gained his heavy vehicle licence.

“Yep I got the bug to be a truckie when I was in one of the trucks run by my grandfather and father’s company Bryce Transport based around Alstonville,” he said.

Alstonville is a quiet town which is situated in the NSW hinterland region between Lismore and Ballina.

For the past two years Caleb has worked for Nortrans which is based in Townsville.

Caleb loves the job and was behind the wheel of a Kenworth K108 with a 500hp motor upfront and an 18 speed Road Ranger gearbox.

Big Rigs saw Caleb on May 1 when he was parked up waiting for a call to deliver his load.

“I have Humes pipes from Townsville which are going to the Haughton River upgrade down the highway,” he said.

I asked Caleb if he thought if it was difficult for young drivers like himself to gain a heavy vehicle licence.

“It is not too easy and comes down to the way you are taught. These days we have to get lessons from one of the licensing schools,” he said.

However Caleb said that the rules had changed.

“I have a daughter and you aren’t allowed to take her in the truck now,” he said.

Caleb said that Nortrans was great to work for and added that company trucks were always well maintained.

Nortrans is based at the Townsville suburb of the Bohle and has a large fleet of trucks having started from humble beginnings during the post World War II years.

“When I started with them I drove a DAF and had to prove that I could move onto heavier trucks,” he said.

Caleb likes stopping at the Bowen Caltex Roadhouse which is 200km south of Townsville when on the road.

I asked him which were the worst roads he gets along and he wouldn’t nominate one.

“Some roads could be better but you have to drive to the conditions and it is no use whinging about them,” he said.

When he gets time off Caleb is into motor sports with a particular passion for karting.

“It can be expensive when you first get into it but is fine after that,” he said.

Caleb said the coronavirus Pandemic hadn’t affected his work much.

“I haven’t been held up by it but have listened all about it on the news. There have been less cars on the road and some week days it feels like a Sunday,” he said.

Caleb said he would recommend a career as a truck driver to fellow young men.

“I see some young drivers around these days and would like to see more. I had the privilege of being a passenger in the family trucks back in NSW and now work for a great road transport company,” Caleb said.

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