DR DIESEL: Dr Diesel shares his tips for rebuilds and replacements.
DR DIESEL: Dr Diesel shares his tips for rebuilds and replacements. Carly Morrissey

DR DIESEL: Get the best out of a rebuild

READER ASKS: I can't afford to buy anything but second hand but I need something that can go the distance with line haul work just in the east coast.

What questions should I be asking in regards to rebuilds, replacements?

Do I need to know where the parts were sourced?

WHEN it comes down to purchase cost, there is nothing wrong with buying second hand provided you do your homework first.

As we all know, new vehicles depreciate the moment we drive them off the lot.

Buying second hand sometimes can be cost effective as you can get yourself into a vehicle the previous owner has put a lot of money into however, now he is looking to sell, he will never get back the money he has spent.

As they say, one man's loss is another's gain and, hopefully, yours.

Look for vehicles the seller is upfront about and can provide good service and maintenance history.

This will show you proof of how well and to what standard the vehicle was been maintained.

The mileage on the vehicle you are looking at determines the questions and things you should be looking.

As a general rule with lower km trucks, you should focus on regular servicing history and repairs on minor maintenance items, keeping in mind you should budget for larger repairs like clutch and turbo replacements when it comes time.

With a truck that has higher km, you want to look for something where someone has already invested money into major repairs so you don't have to.

Look at things like engine rebuilds, exchange engines, gearbox and diff overhauls as these are things older vehicles will eventually need looking at.

You want your vehicle on the road making money, not sitting in a workshop where all you are doing is shelling out large amounts of cash.

As for your question on asking for where the parts have been sourced, you don't really have to worry as after-market parts have come a long way with quality and reliability.

When it comes to the parts used in major repairs, I would recommend knowing this because, if genuine parts have gone into the repair and if a genuine dealer did the repair, you may have some great parts or parts and labour warranty advantages.

Provided the repairs are recent, this is some assurance you may get at no extra cost as the most OEM's offer parts and labour warranties on repairs.

Remember to ask as many questions as you can because the more detail, the more informed decision you can make on your purchase.

Happy hunting.

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