RECRUITS: Graduates from the first intake of the Women Driving Transport Careers course.
RECRUITS: Graduates from the first intake of the Women Driving Transport Careers course. Gavin Blue Photography

More graduates for Women Driving Transport course

AS WE move into the cooler months, we are still trying to cope with the adverse weather conditions across the northern part of the country.

We are still having issues with truck fires, load restraint and some idiots who continue to think the law does not apply to them.

We need to stop calling them cowboys, as cowboys are respectable workers.

We need to call them what they are - idiots and morons - don't glorify them by calling them cowboys.

We have the NHVR making some headway on the fatigue issue and we can hope there are some positive outcomes for more flexibility with the fatigue regime.

If we can make some rapid expansion on the rest areas available and the facilities provided, it would be joyous.

Progress is being made between industry and the unions around safety and the "safe rates" debate - at least everyone is at the table now.

With the upcoming federal election, we definitely need to be talking towards a resolution.

Many of us will have been involved with the ATA Trucking Australia event in Perth through attending or having colleagues nominated for the awards.

The trip to Western Australia is always long and well worth it to catch up with seldom-seen friends and acquaintances.

We have Ellen Voie returning to Australia to deliver a keynote address and participate in a panel to share her knowledge regarding associations, industry image and other initiatives about attraction and retention in the trucking industry.

Closer to home, TWAL had the third course of female drivers graduate from the Women Driving Transport Careers female-only driving course.

We are still looking to take this course national and are looking for some small operators to become involved so we can have a combined course with several operators hiring one or two of the drivers.

Depending on where the operators are located will depend on whether the course is run in Melbourne or Wodonga.

We only have funding for Victoria at this time but if interstate companies want to send someone to the Victorian course we will do our best to accommodate them.

For more information about the course, please email me at chair@

I am returning to the US to present at the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses convention in New Mexico next week.

I have been invited to speak about the Oxford Cold Storage Automated Guided Vehicles, which is a slight deviation for me from talking about trucks and truck drivers.

Getting back to New Mexico was the real sweetener for me.

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