Doing their bit to help tourism

OUR champion truckies around this fine nation mostly possess a wonderful sense of humour and it is doubtful if there has been any funnier incident than this particular one.

From a Victorian truckie witness comes this ripper about another truck driver who had returned from a nearby supermarket to his truck in the roadhouse parking area, armed with a dozen eggs, among other food.

The truckie accidentally dropped the carton of eggs in full view of four French tourists, who were travelling around Australia in one of those campervans with weird captions on the side.

He had placed the eggs on the top of one of those wheelie bins which can be found in parking areas of some roadhouses.

These nearby backpackers were unloading some washing from their van.

Being a fellow who likes a joke, the truckie then asked the female tourists had they seen "a chicken fall out of one of the broken eggs and run away."

They actually believed him and searched in vain for a chicken.

"They drove off after a while and I never told them it was all bull," he said.

"But myself and a number of other truckies had a good laugh."

Could one suggest "the YOKE (joke) was on the French".



THERE is more to this as well.

Before the eggs were the centre of attention, one of the truckies had his own discussion with several of the French people.

He noticed one was reading some correspondence received from home and wasn't sure whether it was a print-out of an email or a letter.

"Is that a French Letter?," he asked.

She replied in the affirmative.

Then the rather confused tourist was told a French Letter is the name often used for condoms.

This was a rather unusual climax to the conversation - pardon the pun.



FROM champion truckie Graeme Hockey comes this puzzling conversation which he heard between other drivers who were travelling the Bruce Hwy in mid-August.

It was near roadworks and Graeme heard a conversation on the UHF radio which went like this.

"You know the biggest problem with these potholes being fixed," one said.

When another asked the reason why he replied, "Well, the potholes are heritage-listed."

Make your own conclusions about this.




A WA driver based at Broome was confident after he backed a horse at a local meeting there on August 14.

One who believes in omens, he was booked or in his own words "nicked" by local cops for a traffic offence.

He was checking out the race fields and saw a horse named Nicked and thought he may recover some of his fine money by having a flutter on it.

Not only that he told some friends who also had a modest bet on the neddy.

However the horse failed to run a place after being up near the lead until the business end.




SOME Tasmanian truckies have issued a warning to interstate counterparts who travel across Bass Strait (by sea of course) about mobile speed cameras.

Big Al the truckie told Spy that these cameras hidden in box trailers under hoods are appearing everywhere around the Apple Isle.

"You never know where they are and lots of truckies have no idea," Big Al said.

"Most locals from here know about them and stick to the speed limit but the guys who come from the mainland don't."

The cameras move around to various locations, so drivers beware.



A Sydney-based truckie took his wife out for a romantic dinner to a quality restaurant and found they couldn't quite eat all of the delicious goodies on their plates.

Wife asked for a doggie bag but was refused when the waitress said it was a breach of local council health regulations.

So the resourceful lovely lady wrapped up some leftover chicken and fish in a serviette and quickly placed it in her hubby's nearby bag.

Only problem was he didn't know and a few days later he was on the highway a few hundreds clicks from home.

Hungry truckie put his hand into his bag and found this mushy food which turned out to be the tucker from the restaurant.

Oops… wife had forgotten to take it out.

Of course it wasn't edible by then but it must have made a nice little gourmet treat for some of those many birds you see congregating near the highways.



ONE self-confessed impatient truckie got caught for several hours along the Bruce Hwy near Bluewater in North Queensland after one lane was closed due to a traffic accident.

It was on the morning of August 4, and the delay caused our truckie mate to miss getting to a TAB in a nearby town to place a bet on a horse race.

To his chagrin his chosen horse won at very juicy odds, costing him several much-needed Oxford Scholars (dollars).

Next day he was driving along a busy road in another town doing deliveries when he spotted a man aged in his twenties laying beside the footpath, having fallen off his skateboard.

Soon after, about 3km up the road he saw a middle-aged gent who looked unconscious also laying near the kerbing.

He stopped because pedestrians were walking past without trying to help the stricken man but saw some other motorists was ringing for help.

This truckie hopes both gents ended up okay after their close encounters with the footpath.

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