Do you like driving but don't want to be a truckie?
Do you like driving but don't want to be a truckie? Pauk K Robbins

Do you want to be a bus driver?

LIFE out on the open road doesn't just have to be behind the steering wheel of a truck - it can be behind the wheel of a bus too.

Murrays driver Stu made the transition from a truck driver to a bus driver after getting "sick and tired of brown boxes” and hasn't looked back since.

"I worked for Startrack and Auspost for 10 to 12 years in Melbourne doing pallet work,” he said.

Stu said after a while the labouring side of the job, delivering - loading and unloading and general body fatigue - began to take its toll.

But he still loved driving and being outdoors, so becoming a bus driver instead was a perfect fit for him.

Stu started with Murrays in Melbourne in April 2017 and loves the job so much, he said he'll stay until retirement.

"It's a very good fit for me, physically and mentally,” Stu said.

State Manager Shannon Murray said the company was looking for experienced drivers that could handle big trucks.

"Ideally, we're looking for a truck driver who's been driving for years and is looking for a career change,” Shannon told Big Rigs.

"(They) don't necessarily want to do that long haul aspect any more, they're a bit more of a people person and like having a work-life balance that if they live in Sydney, they can still work the hours they do and meet people and they've still got a home base they can go home to at night.”

Shannon said there was a variety of shifts available throughout our depots located in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Toowoomba and Chinchilla that could suit every kind of driver.

"We have an hourly coach service from Sydney that goes straight to Canberra. That's a non-stop service running hourly from 5am to some nights through to 10pm,” Shannon said.

"We have a shift that's predominately a 12 hour day - they basically leave to go to work and come back and go home unless they're somewhere they need to stay overnight.”

He said the work wasn't just point-to-point, drivers might take out tour groups or help sporting teams get where they needed to be.

"I always say it's an office with a view, that's my theory. You get the opportunity to drive a vehicle worth half a million dollars, you don't need to pay for fuel and you can meet different people, day in and day out,” Shannon said.

"Everyday is different and if you don't like that there is also work that's set, but you're always going to be dealing with people. We carry school groups, international tourists, sporting groups or government delegates”

He said truck drivers were perfect candidates for transitioning into bus drivers as they knew how to manoeuvre big vehicles in small spaces.

Training is available for drivers and the training doesn't stop after the induction process. Shannon said drivers were continually given opportunities to upskill.

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