Kath von Witt.
Kath von Witt. Stuart Bryce

Dessert goes pear shaped for Kath

KATH von Witt found herself in a prickly situation on MasterChef tonight.

The art gallery director ended up in the bottom three after serving up an oily soup in Sunday's cactus-inspired Mexican invention test.

In tonight's elimination challenge, Witt, Andrew Strickland and Julia Taylor were presented with a tricky Maggie Beer dessert: an upside down grape cake served with olive oil ice cream and a biscotti biscuit.

"My first thought was at least it's not an eight-textured chocolate cake," Witt laughed.

As someone without much of a sweet tooth, she was the underdog going into the challenge.

She got off to a good start, but failing to test her cake before the final minutes proved crucial.

"I wish I listened when Audra (Morrice) told Andrew to wrap it (cake) up in tea towels," she said.

"That might have kept it warmer and cooked it through."

But Witt was proud that she went out of the competition on the back of a tasty, if oil soup.

"I gave it a go. It was something really challenging," she said.

"It wasn't like I went out on not naming coriander or choosing peanut instead of almonds.

"I take heart in that Matt Preston said I had all the flavours there."

Tomorrow night on MasterChef, Queenslander Mindi Woods competes in her second immunity challenge, taking on Sake head chef Shaun Presland.

MasterChef Australia airs Sundays at 7.30pm and week days at 7pm on Ten.

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