Dean Miller dreams of a burly Mercedes-Benz

THIS week we catch up with Channel Seven's avid surfer and fisherman Dean Miller.

What's your current drive?
I drive a 100 Series Toyota LandCruiser.

What do you like and hate about your car?
I like that I sit up high. I don't know if that's a psychological thing. It's got great vision. I like the fact that it gets me places like Moreton Island and Double Island where I can go surfing and fishing. I hate trying to clean the roof rack because it's so hard to get up to.

What was your first car and what happened to it?
My first car was a bronze 1969 model Cortina. It had an eight-ball on the gearstick. I was going to swimming training one afternoon and I drove through an intersection and it was the first accident I had when I was 17 and the last accident, touch wood, I've ever had.
I hit a Fairlane and spun it around and forever after the Cortina had a blue bonnet because I couldn't afford to get it resprayed. Everybody knew me in town because I had a brown Cortina with a blue bonnet.

Dean Miller
Dean Miller

During your childhood, what car did your family have?
Dad was a Ford man so we always had Fords. We had an XP Falcon and then we had an XD Falcon and then he moved up to a Ford Fairmont after that. They were always white.

What is your dream car?
It's a C-Class Mercedes-Benz with a V8 engine, so the 6.2-litre engine in it. So it would be an AMG C63. I like the way they sound.

Dean Miller.
Matter of fact: Dean is well-known to south east Queenslanders as a result of his radio work on Triple M Brisbane's breakfast show, the Gold Coast's SEA FM, 4BC and River 94.9.
Current job:  Queensland Weekender host and presented on Creek to Coast on Channel Seven.

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